Al Aqrab Carpentary manufactures wooden pallets, boxes, crates, and endfitments made of plywood. All the products are used for commercial purposes such as packing, loading, unloading, stacking, storing, etc. We produce them in standard sizes and have the facility to customize the products according to the customer’s needs. Each product adheres to a quality standard, and we focus on regular audits by international packaging standards.

Our Products

Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets are designed for the different purposes of various industries, such as stacking items, storing goods, and protecting

Wooden Boxes

We provide durable wooden boxes made of strong imported wood for the commercial sector, especially for packaging and protection.


We make custom crates for storage and transportation purposes in the industrial sectors.

Endfitments / Sideboards

We manufacture plywood endfitments, MDF, and chipboard in various sizes according to the client’s industry or production

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is a type of fumigation where the core temperature of the wooden products is heated up to a temperature of 56.6 °C for 1 hour

Our Quality Policy


To manufacture high-quality products, our company employs cutting-edge technology. We use pneumatic guns that use compressed air for wire nailing.


Every year, we undergo a quality audit and facility checkup by SGS Gulf as part of the ISPM 15 standard. The government issues IPPC facilitator permit based on their regular audit reports and quality checks.


The raw materials are long-lasting and procured directly from reputable suppliers. We never compromise on the quality of coils and resins. 


To oversee the manufacturing process of each product, we have an experienced team of supervisors and craftsmen. They are constantly trained and updated with the latest quality norms and industry standards.


At every stage of the production process, quality assurance is prioritized. It facilitates the efficient operation of all procedures.

Major Clients

We are the first company in the GCC to commercially manufacture wooden pallets and boxes. Since our commencement, we have had numerous clients in the GCC. Our major clients are from U.A.E, Oman and Saudi Arabia.