We manufacture endfitments with plywood, MDF, and chipboard in various sizes according to the client’s industry or production requirements. All products undergo continuous standard checks throughout the production to ensure the finest quality. We use cutting-edge technology and machines that aid us in producing a wide range of items with the finest precision and minimum wastage. 

The best endfitments in the UAE

Al Aqrab Carpentry has extensive experience in determining the optimum solution for packaging products across industries. We are one of the major endfitment manufacturers in UAE that utilizes good-quality raw materials to enhance productivity and longevity. We have a highly dedicated production team with knowledge and expertise in carrying out and preserving the production process. We produce endfitments with cutting-edge technologies to seek the utmost precision to ensure an error-free packaging solution and customer satisfaction.

Advantages of endfitments

The major application of endfitments or sideboards is the storage and transportation of film rolls through forklifts, cranes, trolleys, trucks, ships, and containers. It simplifies the task of moving rolls, especially film rolls, from one place to another or storing them safely. Due to the film rolls being highly expensive, they need immense care and superior-quality packing. 

Endfitments help organize rolls by keeping them neatly stacked and separated. This makes it easier to locate and access specific rolls when needed. They contribute to workplace safety by reducing the risk of accidents related to handling and storing large and heavy rolls. The endfitments should be strong and accurate in measurement to be used appropriately in any industry. They can considerably reduce storage space, the possibility of cracking and spoiling, etc. End boards are commonly used in the polyester film industry. End boards are crucial to the storage and transportation processes in these industries.

The uniqueness of Al Aqrab endfitments

Al Aqrab Carpentry is one of the major and premium endfitments manufacturer in UAE. We use the most sophisticated technology to maximize the capacity and durability of endfitments as they are used to carry valuable rolls because superior-quality endfitments need high-standard raw materials and manufacturing technology. The quality of materials that we use is of a high standard and is specifically imported from premium brands across the globe. 

We provide endfitments after a number of quality measurement procedures at each stage of the production process. The team of experienced and qualified professionals thoroughly checks the quality of the raw materials before starting production and supervises the phases with maximum attention. We endeavor to provide the finest solution for film roll and delivery to our clients by using seamless manufacturing processes.  

Cost-effective solutions for plywood endfitments or sideboards

Al Aqrab Carpentry manufactures superior-quality yet cost-effective solutions in plywood endfitments for packing and transporting roll materials. Our plywood endfitments are precise, quality-checked, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly packing solutions. We customize these products according to the necessity and convenience of each client to maximize their satisfaction. We offer cost-effective solutions for plywood endfitments due to their numerous requirements. Our team is entitled to offer the best solution for the requirements of endfitments with high attention to every detail of our client.