About Us

Al Aqrab Carpentry is the first manufacturer of wooden pallets and packaging materials in the GCC. The company was established in 1988 with the primary goal of manufacturing wooden pallets and boxes. We are a large-scale, standard, and customized manufacturer of wooden packaging products for various commercial and logistics purposes. As a part of our expansion in India, we established Aqrab Wood Industries Private Limited in Kerala.

We import high-quality pine wood for pallets from Chile, Brazil, New Zealand, and other selected countries. Our regular quality audits have been helping us maintain an excellent reputation in the market for more than three decades. We adhere to fumigation as per ISPM 15 standards for exporting. The foundation of our quality standard is related to our advanced production methods, raw materials, innovative machines, and legacy of long-term expertise in the industry. 


Our vision is to become a prominent manufacturer of high-quality, customized, and durable wooden packaging products that enable our clients to store easily or export their products around the globe.


By adhering to all the finest processes and cutting-edge technologies, we aim to provide the best solution for pallets, boxes, crates, and endfitments for the smooth flow of various commercial purposes.

Our Values
We ensure timely delivery and top notch quality control while providing high-quality wooden packaging. Our venture firmly upholds some fundamental ethical principles.

Because we prioritize dependability, our products are robust and resistant to damage. Besides, our reliability comes from three decades of flawless expertise.

The continuous efforts to enhance the significance of our excellence and its functional and divisional structure result in market leading wood products.

Since we are committed to the entire process, we hold our values in the highest esteem.

To achieve our objectives, we work together amicably. Our strength inspires our group’s efforts to streamline all procedures.

We desire to form good ties with people and regularly maintain cordial relations with our clients.